Histology and Cytology MarketWith the market for preventive healthcare technologies and services expected to reach 144.8 billion globally in 2020 (as predicted by U.S. based market research company, Transparency Market Research), the histology and cytology diagnostic market is also expected to see strong growth.

Histology and cytology deal with the diagnosis of diseases and other conditions by studying human tissues and human cells, respectively to detect and treat several chronic and infectious diseases such as cancer, cervical disease, abnormal growth, inflammatory diseases, hepatitis, and more. Major factors driving the growth of the histology and cytology market are

  • Increased use of advanced molecular techniques to detect specific proteins, receptors, viruses and enzymes in tissues
  • Increasing standardization of pathology laboratories
  • Increasing adoption new technological tests for greater accuracy in cell and tissue analysis
  • Rising burden of chronic diseases such as cancer
  • Need for early diagnosis of chronic diseases to reduce the healthcare cost burden

The development of early detection and screening technologies is also fuelled by patent extension and protection, reduced chances of drug resistance, and supportive government policies.

Workflow and productivity has greatly increased in histology and cytology laboratories with leading vendors offering lab products which assure greater efficiency. These include equipment such as slide strainers, tissue baths, slide storage cabinets, and microslide dispensers as well as histology and cytology disposables such as cytology funnels, biopsy processing/embedding cassettes, biopsy containers, tissue processing and embedding cassettes, and much more. The use of advanced information systems allows clinical laboratories to keep pace with current developments and stay competitive.