For carrying out clinical procedures demanding large volumes of sample separation, high capacity laboratory centrifuges are needed. They are generally used in the separation of particles from solutions based on the density, size, shape and viscosity of the medium. They have a variety of uses in biology, chemistry, biochemistry and in various scientific research laboratories.

Quality Features of Centrifuges in Laboratories

Laboratory centrifuges are run by motors that help liquid samples spin at higher speeds. They work on the basis of sedimentation principle; centripetal acceleration is utilized for separating the substances of greater and lesser density.

For proper centrifugation of samples and for comfortably holding the test tubes, laboratory centrifuges are equipped with rotors. Slight differences in loading suspensions can result in large force imbalance when the rotor is at high speed. This usually happens with smaller centrifuges. For eliminating such problems, people equip their labs with high capacity laboratory centrifuges.

Clinical Centrifuges in Different Styles and Designs

Today, various types of laboratory centrifuges exist in most advanced designs and different styles. Preparative centrifuges and analytical centrifuges are the popular models presently available. The former are used for the separation of specific particles based on density and differential, while the latter are used for measuring the physical properties of particles.

Removable line cord, integral aerosol and splash protection, specimen friendly low ambient temperature, automatic shutdown option, maintenance-free brushless induction motor and much more advanced features can be found in most of the centrifuge models.

Quality Services from Established Dealers

Beckman, Clay Adams, Drucker and Eppendorf are some of the popular manufacturers in the industry supplying high capacity laboratory centrifuges. Their products are now available with many dealers and distributors. Usually they are supplied along with accessories and consumables. Some of the dealers even offer post sales services for the products they distribute. For attaining all these quality services and products, it is important to find an established dealer specialized in this field.