High capacity and reliable chemistry analyzers ease the performance of routine analytical applications and ensure accurate evaluation reports within a minimum span of time. Both new and recertified models of chemistry analyzers are now widely available with leading suppliers of laboratory equipment.

Reliable Models from Reputable Manufacturers

Well-known manufacturers including Roche Diagnostics, Beckman, Alfa Wassermann, Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics, Olympus and Elan Diagnostics offer reliable models of high capacity chemistry analyzers. Popular models include Elan ATAC 6000, Olympus AU640e, Roche Reflotron, Beckman CX-3 Delta and Alfa Wassermann ACE. Most of the models are specifically designed to meet the analytical requirements of hospitals, clinical facilities, and other core and commercial laboratories.

Advanced Features for Several Diagnostic Applications

Efficient models of chemistry analyzers come with superior throughput capabilities and high capacity to ensure speedy, precise and consistent diagnostic results. The devices facilitate a series of diagnostic applications such as analysis of creatinine, uric acid, glucose, urea nitrogen (bun), bilirubin, calcium, iron, inorganic phosphorous, magnesium and albumin. They are also used to perform assays for analytics such as thyroid, therapeutic drug, lipid, electrolyte, drugs of abuse, and so on.

To ensure consistent and reliable performance, chemistry analyzers are designed with a range of highly advanced and user-friendly features. The core features of the widely used Alfa Wassermann ACE model chemistry analyzer include:

  • Auto repeat and dilution capability
  • On-board sample and reagent refrigeration option- can hold up to 40 test reagents on-board at any time
  • Positive sample and reagent ID
  • Closed tube sampling
  • Broad testing potentiality

Many models also come with random access capabilities, user programmable keys, light detectors, true STAT interrupt capabilities and many other useful options.

Online Stores for the Best Chemistry Analyzers

When purchasing high capacity and reliable chemistry analyzers, it is best to go for the models supplied by established lab equipment distributors. Reliable suppliers ensure premium products at competitive prices, proper service contracts and reliable after-sales support.