HematekManufactured by Siemens Healthcare, the Hematek® 3000 System is a semi-automated slide staining solution that is capable of staining up to 60 slides per hour. Specifically designed for hematology labs, the system can be used in lower volume settings as a primary slide staining solution or in larger laboratories as a backup to fully automated slide preparation protocols. Built on a heritage of slide staining spanning more than half a century, the system helps maximize productivity and deliver quality results through its user-defined features and precision controls.

The unit’s all-in-one stain pack includes enough stain for up to 900 slides and offers easy load-and-go operation for optimized daily workflow with minimal hands-on time. The Hematek® 3000 system comes with several user-friendly features:

  • Simple pump release mechanism that streamlines maintenance
  • Self-contained waste drawer
  • Continuous-feed loading platform that eliminates wasted time associated with batch staining methods
  • System warnings that alert users of low stain-level and full waste bin to help ensure uninterrupted, quality results

According to Stefan Wolf, CEO, Hemostasis, Hematology and Specialty Business Unit, Diagnostics Division, Siemens Healthcare, “The Hematek 3000 System delivers clinical excellence across the volume spectrum in slide staining by offering user-defined features and precision controls that enable laboratories to maximize productivity and deliver quality results.”

The analyzer’s individual, consistent slide staining optimizes staining quality and enables user-adaptable intensity for standardized slide staining. Slides are immediately available for viewing upon completion of staining, and the rinse reagent contains the optimal alcohol concentration for proper slide drying.

The system’s pumps deliver a fresh, precise volume of reagent for every slide, while the platen provides uniform stain from field to field and slide to slide with accurate mixing and uniform stain and buffer delivery. The compact, RoHS-compliant system guarantees incorporation of environmentally friendly, sustainable substances and supports “green” initiatives.

Built on the proven technology of the Siemens family of hematology analyzers, this slide staining system is a valuable addition to a lab of any size. Purchase from a reliable lab equipment dealer will ensure attractive pricing and timely maintenance support.