Helena coagulation analyzers are high in demand in the medical industry for their superior performance and premium quality. These manual hemostasis analyzers are built to efficiently perform all routine clotting assays including PT, PTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Clotting Time and Factor Assays.

Helena Coagulation Analyzers – Simple and Efficient Operation

Helena Laboratories offers primarily two models of coagulation analyzers: Cascade M and M-4. Apart from some differences in the technical specifications, both have almost similar features. They are designed for low-volume testing and have simple operational features.

Space-saving Design – The compact Cascade M and M-4 are designed to fit in small labs and places with space limits. They are smaller than 15″ wide by 15″ deep and weigh approximately 20 pounds.

User-friendly Keypad – The keypad features clear enumeration of tests which makes test selection easy and fast. The computer prompts appear on the screen to conveniently guide you through testing. Though the default settings are pre-programmed, they can be changed to suit requirements. Instructions for changing parameters are provided.

Computerized Functionalities – Both models of coagulation analyzers offer hi-tech, computerized functionalities. They can efficiently store standard curves, calculate patient results, INRs and aPTT ratios. Quality control tasks can also be performed and can reliably calculate mean, SD and CV, plus plot and print Levy-Jennings QC charts.

Sophisticated Photo Optics – Independent photo-optic detection sources are a feature of both models of Helena analyzers. The Cascade M comes with two and Cascade M-4 comes with four photo-optic detection sources. The analyzer offers single as well as duplicate reading of all samples regardless of turbidity.

Leading Suppliers for Purchase

The equipment can serve as primary analyzers for smaller laboratories or as backup units for larger coagulation analyzers. The dependable and versatile Helena coagulation analyzers are available with leading suppliers of lab equipment.