Greiner Bio-OneAs an international manufacturer of medical and research products, Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. has announced its support for the fight against the deadly Ebola virus with a monetary donation and free medical supplies. The company has put forth a challenge to its partners, competitors and peers to make similar contributions to help combat and control this outbreak.

With a death rate of up to 90%, the Ebola outbreak has taken over 2,000 lives and has affected hundreds of people in Africa. CNN reports that deadly human Ebola outbreaks have been confirmed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Gabon, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Republic of the Congo (ROC), Guinea and Liberia.

As Greiner Bio-One points out, this situation makes it imperative for companies healthcare providers, manufacturers and professionals around the world to focus on how they can help and collaborate to protect global health. As an industry leader, Greiner Bio-One is setting the example by making a monetary donation as well as donating products, including VACUETTE® Venous Blood Collection Tubes and the VACUETTE® TUBE-TOUCH passive safety device, to the Ebola outbreak through AmeriCares.

We have a responsibility as a scientific community and as a company providing safety products to help contribute to the prevention and cure of this deadly virus, said A.C. Marchionne, President and Chairman of the Management Board in a press release.

“I would like to challenge others to make similar contributions to help combat and control this outbreak”, he added.

Healthcare professionals and manufacturers can make donations to fight the Ebola epidemic by contacting AmeriCares at AmeriCares provides immediate disaster relief and humanitarian medical aid to people in crisis around the world.