Greiner Bio-One ProductsPhlebotomy or the procedure that removes blood from the body is risky because it can expose health workers and patients to blood from other persons. This puts them at risk of pathogens carried by blood such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and much more. Training on and adherence to best practices in blood collection is necessary to minimize risks to both clinical lab staff and patients and improve blood collection for laboratory tests. Equally important is the use of safe blood collection systems.

Greiner Bio-One’s products for blood collection are designed to ensure user safety as well as ensure proper collection of samples for testing. The world market leader in the field of biotechnology, Greiner Bio-One celebrated fifty years in manufacturing in 2013. Established in 1963, the production of Greiner Bio-One products began in 1974 with the manufacturing of Petri Dishes with surfaces for cell cultivation.

It is in blood collection that Greiner Labortechnik (as the production center in Germany is called) made its mark. In the1980s, VACUETTE® range for specimen collection systems was born when the production center pioneered the manufacture of an evacuated blood collection system with safety cap made from plastic that was capable of keeping a vacuum for 18 months.

The company’s product range is extensive and includes, in addition to products for blood collection, those for urine and specimen collection. Reliable, safe, and easy to use, the VACUETTE® blood collection system is ideal for venous blood collection and comprises blood collection tubes, multiple use drawing needles and various other blood collection accessories.

Among the company’s popular products is the VISIO PLUS Multi-Sample Needle. It comes with a translucent plastic hub/view window which provides visual “flash” to confirm that the venipuncture was successful. The company also offers a single-sample Blood Collection Needle for Veterinary Use.

The Vacuette Safety Blood Collection Set ensures added protection as it is designed to activate while the needle is being removed from the vein. The Vacuette needleless blood collection products include Vacuette Blood Transfer Unite and Unique Holdex with off-set Luer.