Safe and Accurate Blood CollectionIt is important for laboratories to choose blood collection sets that are compatible with existing phlebotomy practices. Greiner Bio-One products are a widely recommended option for safe and accurate blood collection procedures. This manufacturer offers a comprehensive range of vacuum blood collection tubes including clotting tubes, serum and EDTA tubes to various specialized products. These products make routine tasks carried out at clinics, laboratories or in doctors’ practices much easier and importantly, safer.

Greiner Bio-One’s safe blood collection products include:

  • Blood Collection Tubes The innovative VACUETTE® blood collection tubes are made of virtually unbreakable PET plastic. They can meet the requirements of routine laboratories as well as specialized laboratories. These tubes promote sterile and safe blood collection. All tubes come with a safety cap. The caps of the tubes are colored in accordance with internationally recommended color codes. The tubes have the CE mark and most are FDA approved.
  • Blood Collection Needles Exclusively for single-use, these needles are predominantly used in routine blood collection. An audible “click” indicates that the safety lock has been activated while the needle is still in the vein. The color of the needle protective cap simplifies visual recognition of the individual needle gauges. VISIO PLUS Needle with optical venipuncture control simplifies blood collection routine for phlebotomists.
  • Blood Collection Sets Safety Blood Collection Sets are available in three versions – with Luer Adapter, without Luer Adapter and Holder and with Blood Culture Holder. The sets differ in terms of tubing lengths and needle gauges. Standard Tube Holder can be used with either VACUETTE® Multiple Use Drawing Needles or VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS Needles, as these components are designed for optimal compatibility with one another.

VACUETTE® safety products effectively prevent needle stick injury. Designed with optimum ergonomics in mind, they simplify application and increase safety. The safety shield of the VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder can now be positioned in any direction. Right-handed and left-handed users can rotate the safety shield to the position that suits them best.

Purchase of Greiner Bio-One products from an established lab equipment supplier would come with benefits such as great pricing and prompt delivery.