Blood CollectionSpecimen collection is the first step in the laboratory testing process. Blood tests are performed on serum, plasma, or whole blood. Each step in the blood collection process carries risks – both for patients and health workers and unsafe practices can cause infection from bloodborne organisms leading to diseases such as hepatitis B, HIV, syphilis or malaria. Poor blood collection practices lead to inaccurate results that may be misleading to the clinician, and the test may be ordered again, thereby inconveniencing the patient.

The three major issues resulting from errors in collection are haemolysis, contamination and inaccurate labeling. The use of quality blood collection sets would improve specimen quality and also ensure best practices in phlebotomy as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Greiner Bio-One, a world market leader in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostics, and research, is a pioneer in the development of safe blood collection systems. The company manufactures innovative blood collection tubes made from practically unbreakable plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Clear as glass, the PET plastic tubes make the drawing of blood a more sterile and safer process. Greiner Bio-One’s VACUETTE® blood collection tubes include clotting tubes and serum and EDTA tubes. In addition to precisely coordinated vacuum, most tubes contain chemical additives which ensure the correct mixing ratio to the drawn blood sample.

The VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set includes safety features such as in-vein activation to reduce the user’s risk of needle stick injuries and an audible “click“ to assure the user that the safety lock has been activated while the needle is still in the vein. This ensures a high level of protection. The transparent view window provides visual control for successful vein penetration. The VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set is available in three different models:

  • Without luer adapter – suitable for short-term infusion procedures
  • With a pre-assembled luer adapter
  • With luer adapter and tube holder

Greiner Bio-One’s user-friendly blood collection system helps in collecting the required quantity of blood without the need for further handling. The tube holders and puncture systems can be selected based on the patient’s specific vein conditions and on various safety requirements.