UNICO SpectrophotometersWhen you are buying lab equipment, it’s essential to get the best deal as your research results depend on the instruments.

Coming to spectrophotometers, you should have a clear idea of the extent of functions you expect the equipment to perform. Take wavelength – if you plan to do protein assay, you should know the range of wavelengths that can be used to obtain acceptable results. For instance, if you plan to do only protein assay at a wavelength of 280 nm, an inexpensive fixed-wavelength spectrophotometer will do. But a model with a higher capability and variable length wavelengths would be important for other applications. An advanced scanning UV spectrophotometer is necessary to determine the appropriate wavelengths for both target and secondary compounds so as to help in compound identification.

You have to find equipment that suits your needs and budget. As there are many brands of spectrophotometers, get price quotes for different brands and models – based on your specifications and requirements. Note: if the price is very low, you can be sure that something could be left out and you would have to compromise on hardware, software and the service package. Compare the instruments and pricing. If you plan to purchase an expensive model, make sure it covers your lab’s possible needs for at least a period of five years.

UNICO offers a wide range of standard and advanced spectrophotometer models for educational, clinical, industrial and environmental labs. Leading lab equipment dealers supply both new and refurbished models. Besides competitive pricing, factor in service and support capabilities when choosing your UNICO spectrophotometer supplier.