DCA 2000 Reagent KitPeriodic measurement of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) is necessary for people with diabetes to determine whether their blood glucose level is adequately controlled. It helps reduce the risk of retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy in diabetic patients. The DCA 2000 Reagent Kit for HBA1C for the DCA 2000 and DCA VANTAGE analyzers provides quantitative measurement of HbA1c in just six minutes. This Siemens Healthcare product is available in 10 kits per box.

The DCA Vantage® point-of-care analyzer helps monitor glycemic control and detect early kidney disease in environments ranging from the physician’s office to remote, point-of-care coordinated sites in hospitals and multisite practices. The use of this CLIA-waived kit allows microalbumin/creatinine tests to be completed in a few minutes, helping healthcare professionals to guide and reinforce the patients to maintain target blood glucose levels. Siemens reports that when tested for a correlation study, this kit showed 99% agreement with the HPLC method. In-office HbA1c results improve decision making, patient compliance and outcomes. The kit contains normal and abnormal controls which are prepared as a stabilized hemolysate from human blood.

Siemens 5035C Reagent Kit – Advantages

  • Only 1 µL of whole blood is needed for testing
  • Easy to use – no sample or reagent preparation required
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Reduced follow-up time
  • Fast results
  • Improved patient compliance

Siemens also offers CLIA waived diagnostic test strips for urinalysis including Multistix® 7 Reagent Strips, Uristix® 4 Reagent Strips, Hema-Combistix Reagent Strips, and Combistix® Reagent Strips. These strips test for a wide range of analytes such as blood, glucose, ketones, leukocyte, nitrite, pH, protein, and more.

A Siemens analyzer and reliable lab equipment dealers in New York offer reagent rental plans that allow laboratories to get a new analyzer place in exchange for the guaranteed purchase of reagents over a period of time. The cost of the equipment is spread out over the period of the cost-per-test plan and the minimum number of tests required. Terms of the contract would vary depending on the instrument and rental period.