General purpose spectrophotometers are indispensable instruments when it comes to carrying out diverse research applications in biochemical, clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories. Spectrophotometers are handy enough for students and are used in high school and college laboratories as well.

A Range of Models to Select from

With the help of highly reliable and economical general purpose spectrophotometers, routine applications including quantitative analyses, kinetics, spectrum scanning and multiple components DNA/protein testing can be performed efficiently.

To satisfy the requirements of contemporary research laboratories, a range of advanced models of spectrophotometers from renowned manufacturers including Unico are widely available in the industry. The popular models include S-1000 VIS Spectrophotometer 110V, SQ2802 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer 110V-220V, S-2100-E VIS Spectrophotometer 220V, SQ4802 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer 110V-220V, S-1100-RSE VIS Spectrophotometer 220V, S-1100-RS VIS Spectrophotometer 110V and many more.

General Purpose Spectrophotometers for Highly Precise Results

General purpose spectrophotometers are integrated with a range of advanced features that ensure highly precise research results. The important functionalities provided in S-1100-RS VIS Spectrophotometer 110V model include:

  • Dynamic wavelength range of 335-1000nm
  • Wavelength accuracy around +/-2nm
  • Easy to read display feature
  • Auto zero function
  • Fixed filters to provide easy operation
  • Alterable sample compartment
  • Wavelength knob with built-in metal stopper
  • Integrated accessory output- analog RS 232
  • Solid State Detector for the whole wavelength range

Apart from these, the various models of spectrophotometers are also provided with COD vial holders, windows based application software and so on. These are now available in different dimensions varying in width, breadth, height and weight measurements. Moreover, they are provided with one year warranty as well.

Contact Competent Dealers for the Purchase

When planning to purchase general purpose spectrophotometers for your laboratory settings, make sure to utilize the services of competent distributors in the industry. They can help you find the right model of spectrophotometer that perfectly caters to your requirements and budget.