Immunoassay analyzers are used to carry out various types of immunoassay testing for laboratory purposes. A fully automated immunoassay analyzer is a compact device with a built in computer, keypad and printer. The equipment finds great application in hospitals and clinical laboratories.

Immunoassay Analyzers designed with Advanced Features for Precise Results

Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics, a new division of DPC and Bio Merieux, is a leading manufacturer of immunoassay analyzers. Some of the models they offer are:

Immulite 2000: It has the capacity to perform 200 tests per hour. The unique features of this equipment are clot detection, primary tube sampling, proprietary onboard solution, and third generation assays. Another attractive feature which makes these devices most flexible is automatic re-assay for out-of-range samples. In order to perform quick clinical diagnostic information, an extensive routine and esoteric menu feature is included in the equipment.

Immulite 1000: The main attractions of this equipment are window based software, positive sample ID, remote diagnostics, on-board dilutions, and consolidated software. This type of analyzers is best suited for immunoassay testing for esoteric, serology, anemia, drugs of abuse, reproductive endocrinology, and so on. It can perform 80 tests per hour and delivers result within 15 minutes. These immunoassay analyzers are famous for their exceptional performance, reliability, random access capability, and user friendliness.

Bio Merieux Mini VIDAS: These devices cover vast functions such as infectious disease assays, immunochemistry, and coagulation assays. They perform 30 to 60 tests per package. The unique feature of this device is that it can conduct testing procedure in independent compartments with 6 positions each. The advanced technology used in these devices is ELFA (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay). Added benefits of these analyzers are minimal maintenance, single dose reagents, and no carry over risks.

You can purchase the above mentioned models of fully automated immunoassay analyzers from leading dealers. They offer high quality products at affordable rates and also provide maintenance services.