Deki™ Reader and Fionet™ SystemWhile rapid testing technologies permit immediate clinical management decisions, integrating accurate, complete and timely data capture into clinical workflow is necessary to detect quality issues and address them in real time. Fio Corporation’s integrated diagnostic and data technology solution for clinical laboratories makes this possible. The company is making its debut at MEDICA 2015 with an exhibit connecting diagnostics, data and care – the Deki™ Reader and Fionet™ system. The system is designed to help healthcare providers overcome quality assurance and data management challenges in the current decentralized healthcare scenario.

Fio’s Deki Reader is a rugged, in vitro diagnostic device for use with commercially available lateral flow immunoassays (rapid diagnostic tests). It provides step-by-step guidance for performing rapid diagnostic tests as well as an objective analysis of results.

Fionet connects mobile devices that guide diagnosis, treatment and record keeping with web-based tools for remote oversight and reporting. Fionet provides test-by-test traceability.

When used with the Deki™ Reader, Fionet makes it possible for healthcare providers and other stakeholders to monitor operator performance remotely and convert comprehensive field data into instantly actionable insight.

Based in Toronto, Fio first marketed the Fionet system in Africa and Latin America to demonstrate its efficacy even in the most remote settings. The system successfully enabled supervisors to remotely monitor diagnostic activity and provide feedback. Earlier this year, Fio Corporation started working with Corgenix Medical Corporation to develop an artillery of therapies and technologies along with a robust, data-driven network to track and combat Ebola the next time it rears its head. Fio Corporation is also lauded for its efforts to fight malaria in Colombia and Africa.

“By helping health workers deliver care and capture data as a benefit, we’re creating a continuous flow of primary information from the frontlines of care delivery to stakeholders across the entire healthcare spectrum”, says Fio Chairman & CEO Dr. Michael Greenberg.