By utilizing the highly advanced features of analog dry bath incubators, a variety of research applications including coagulation studies and in situ hybridization can be carried out in an easier and convenient manner. These pieces of equipment are also used for performing analytical functions such as BUN, restriction digests, melting agar, COD denaturing DNA, and Hot Start PCR.

Reliable and Affordable Option for Your Laboratory

Analog dry bath incubators are often regarded as extremely reliable and affordable pieces of laboratory equipment. Manufactured by Boekel Scientific, these incubators are available in a range of models built with options to hold a series of exchangeable heating block modules. The popular models include Analog Dry Bath, 1-Block, 115V; Analog Dry Bath, 1-Block, 230V; Analog Dry Bath, 2-Block, 115V; Analog Dry Bath, 2-Block, 230V; and Analog Dry Bath, 4-Block, 115V.

Designed with Innovative Features to Accomplish Diverse Research Requirements

To completely satisfy the requirements of modern research laboratories, analog dry bath incubators are incorporated with an array of innovative features. The important functionalities the users can find in Analog Dry Bath, 4-Block, 230V model incubator include:

  • 300W, 230V power range
  • Dynamic temperature range
  • Integrated with 4 heating block module
  • Max Temp of 130ºC
  • Amber Pilot Light
  • Excellent Value
  • +/0.50ºC @ 37ºC stability range
  • Provided with block extractor rod

Analog dry bath incubators are available in different dimensions varying in width, length, height, and weight measurements. These incubators are designed with interchangeable blocks, which can be easily exchanged with the Boekel digital model incubators. Besides, these pieces of equipment are provided with a two year warranty as well.

Make the Purchase from Dependable Dealers

When planning to purchase analog dry bath incubators for your laboratory facility, ensure to utilize the services of reliable distributors in the industry. They can efficiently assist you in choosing the best model of incubator that can satisfy your specific application requirements and budgets.