Different types of veterinary equipment are necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of zoo and farm animals, and pets. With the field of veterinary science and treatment is progressing at a rapid pace, veterinarians are looking to acquire equipment that features the latest technology.

Epoc Veterinary Portable Blood Gas AnalyzerPoint-of-care testing facilitates instant diagnosis and has become extremely popular in veterinary medicine. Take the Epoc Veterinary Portable Blood Gas Electrolyte and Critical Care Analyzer, a novel device that provides immediate results directly to a hand-held personal digital assistant (PDA) and connects wirelessly to the vet lab computer. It is the first wireless point-of-care testing solution to use Smart Card technology.

This reliable, easy to use and affordable device is an ideal solution for various reasons. It provides accurate blood gas, electrolyte and critical care biochemistry results in 30 seconds, with minimal time sample acquisition, sample entry and analysis. It eliminates errors as the blood sample is introduced immediately and the complete test record is acquired at the point-of-care. Moreover, all steps in the testing process are automatically monitored, assuring error detection and reduction.

This point-of-care system is also unique in that its test cards do not require refrigeration. A completely portable handheld device with rechargeable battery, the Epoc analyzer can store up to 2000 patient results and comes with a Bluetooth printer.

The Epoc features simple touch screen operation. All the vet needs to do is add a blood sample on the cartridge to obtain the results on its touch screen. Ready to use in-practice, theatre, client site or yard, the Epoc is helping vets diagnose a range of conditions anytime, anywhere.