EppendorfEppendorf, a leading life science company based in Germany has announced that it is to fully inherit all business activities and operations relating to its subsidiary company New Brunswick Scientific UK. This leading manufacturer sells lab instruments, consumables, and services for liquid, sample, and cell handling in laboratories worldwide. It provides a range of lab equipment including centrifuges, pipettes and automated pipetting systems, mixers, dispensers, spectrometers, CO2 incubators, shakers, and cell manipulation systems.

A part of Eppendorf since 2007, New Brunswick Scientific is a developer of bio-processing equipment for fermentation and cell culture growth and storage. At the end of 2013, New Brunswick’s global marketing functions were merged into Eppendorf, and a new Enfield, Connecticut-based entity called Eppendorf, Inc. was created. With this integration, the company’s goal is to be an expert partner in its client’s laboratories globally.

According to Mike Sattan, President and CEO of the new Enfield-based unit, “Another benefit of this integration is the strong R&D network and emphasis on premium and comprehensive product solutions. In addition to updating and rebranding products under the Eppendorf corporate identity, we are also developing new products, features, and innovations”.

Eppendorf’s advanced product line includes Eppendorf 5415 Centrifuge that is a compact, quiet running centrifugal system intended for use in research laboratories. This centrifuge with a total capacity of 1.6 liters has variable speed up to 14,000 rpm and forces of 16,000 x g. This cost-effective lab equipment also has many enhanced features such as turn style on/off knob, 18 position rotors, and dial control timer 0-30. Reliable lab equipment suppliers also offer recertified versions of this centrifuge.