Established in 1982, Awareness Technology, Inc. is an ISO 13485:2003 certified manufacturer of laboratory equipment for a wide range of applications. These include chemistry analyzers, incubator/shakers, microplate readers/washers, microstrip readers, and luminometers. With the mission of delivering “high quality at low cost”, the company offers versatile, economical alternatives to more expensive laboratory instruments, reagents and assays.

Instruments from Awareness Technology

The company’s innovative products include:

STAT FAX 3300 Chemistry Analyzer: With a variety of advanced features for result-oriented performance such as a flip-up display screen, plug-in standard external keyboard, large 240 x 128 pixel graphical display and Levey-Jennings plots for QC, the device can also show kinetic plots in real time, and can create work list, run tests, print patient reports and store patient data.

STAT FAX 2200 Incubator/Shaker: NRTL and CE certified, this incubator is compact and easy to operate. It can hold two 96 well microplates for mixing and / or incubating. Other features include digitally operated 8-speed shaker with orbital mixing around 575 to 1500 rpm, tinted outer cover that provides added insulation and protection from light, power requisites of 12VAC, 2 amps and adapters that are obtainable for 120V or 230V power resources.

STAT FAX 4200 Multichannel Microplate Reader: Used to carry out on board data diminution computations, which include curve fitting, regressions and cutoff absorbance calculations with step-by-step user prompting, this compact 8-channel microplate reader also features completely automatic reading, bichromatic optics and is capable to read 96 wells in less than 10 seconds.

External Incubator for Stat Fax 3300: This instrument can incubate 18 tubes at 37°C and displays temperature on 3300 screen. The LED in the front indicates heating function.

The ideal way to shop for these devices is online. Find an authorized dealer in products from Awareness Technologies. A reliable supplier would have an online store where you can view these products and check out their features and technical specifications. With the right supplier, you can be assured of competitive pricing as well as excellent post-sales support for installation, training and maintenance.