Electrolyte analyzers are used in medical laboratories to detect electrolytes in body fluids such as blood, urine, and plasma. Electrolyte analyzers in medical laboratories are the best option for use in hospitals, physician labs and other related medical facilities. They are easy to use and provide fast sample analysis, which account for their popularity.

Electrolyte Analyzers Incorporated with Most Advanced Features

Roche Diagnostics, AVL and Medica Products are some of the leading manufacturers of electrolyte analyzers. AVL 9180, AVL 9130, Medica EasyElectrolytes are some of the popular models available in the market.

Electrolyte analyzers ensure fully automatic operation within a lesser counter space. You get precise results within one minute. These are designed with easy to use, microprocessor based technology to enhance operational characteristics. The unique feature seen in these electrolyte analyzers are maintenance free electrodes. A cuvette holder for 18 positions and test panel are other significant features seen in these models.

Some models of electrolyte analyzers come equipped with a thermal printer to hold permanent data of each test along with test results, date, time, sample number and mode. Their features include disposable electrodes and an interactive dialog program.

You can also find electrolyte analyzers which measure Na +, K +, Cl- in blood, serum, urine and plasma. These deliver results quickly and print them within a few seconds.

Advantages of Using Electrolyte Analyzers

  • Quick change of analyte
  • Operational flexibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Time saving calibrations
  • Easy operation
  • Precise control of calibrator volumes

Find a Reputable Dealer that Offers Brand Name Products

Today you can find a number of dealers offering electrolyte analyzers in medical laboratories. To get quality assured branded products from top manufacturers, find a popular and reliable dealer in the industry. They offer products at affordable rate along with warranty services. Some dealers offer accessories along with standard products.