Elan Diagnostics chemistry analyzers are designed for clinical laboratories to handle various analytical tasks at a faster rate. Chemistry analyzers from Elan Diagnostics are available in two models; they are ATAC 6000 and ATAC 8000.

High Quality Chemistry Analyzers from Elan Diagnostics

ATAC 6000

It is an open reagent chemistry analyzer ideal for measuring bi-chromatic reading of concentration (end point) metabolic determinations, fixed time substrate analysis and kinetic rate measurements of enzyme activity. It’s a preprogrammed unit which performs 48 tests and stores it in memory for future use. With the help of 6 additional program positions, it keeps profile information. 16 tests are included in each profile. These models are deigned with innovative features to deliver accurate test results. You can find the following merits in these units:

  • Automatic calibration and zero setting
  • Endpoint output of 96 tests per hour
  • Diluter cycle time of 2 seconds
  • Automatic self diagnostics monitoring
  • Rate analysis output of 69 tests per hour

ATAC 8000

It’s a bench top unit with throughput random access technology to perform 40 analyses. It performs a variety of tests on GPT (ALT), albumin, cholesterol, calcium, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin (direct and total), glucose, and more. Due to the incorporation of multiple potentialities they offer 475 tests per hour. The main reason that contributes to the popularity of these models is their ability to operate in three modes such as random access, batch testing and stat. The refrigerated reagent tray stores around forty ATAC-PAK reagents and performs 6000 tests. You can find the following features in these analyzers:

  • Cuvette wash assembly
  • Automatic quality control data handling
  • Sample probe module
  • Complete date management system
  • On-board 4-parameter
  • Solid state ISE including CO2
  • High capacity sample chamber

Elan Diagnostics chemistry analyzers are available from most of the medical equipment dealers. To get quality assured products, search for a reliable and experienced dealer.