QBC STAR Hematology SystemThe complete blood count (CBC) test is a broad screening test to check for anemia, infection, and many diseases. Performed on automated hematology analyzers, this panel of tests evaluates the different components of blood: white blood cells, red blood cell (RBC) count, hemoglobin, hematocrit and more. Popular for its efficiency, the QBC STAR Dry Hematology Analyzer is a compact and easy to use point-of-care blood count analyzer. This Drucker Diagnostics product is the ideal option for a variety of settings such as urgent care clinics, pediatrics offices, military bases, field hospitals and other remote locations, where portability is an asset.

This device has changed the way in-office laboratories collect and analyze samples. Its flexible STAR tube can be use for both venous and capillary samples. This unique system allows finger puncture to be performed using the STAR tube for both collection and analysis. At the push of a single button, the system measures nine important CBC hematological parameters: hematocrit, hemoglobin, MCHC (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration), platelet count, white blood cell count, granulocyte count and percentage, and lymphocyte/monocyte count and percentage. Complete sample processing and analysis takes just 7 minutes.

It uses dry hematology reagents instead of the bulky liquid reagents utilized by other methods. The dry reagents facilitate testing and analysis safely, accurately, and without the biohazard waste of impedance counters.

Other features:

  • Maintenance-free design
  • Unique blood collection tubes
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS) Connectivity

Sample Analysis – An Easy Three-step Procedure

  • Fill the tube with the patient sample up to the mark between the two lines, mix, and then cap.
  • Position tube in the rotor and press start button
  • Patient results will display on the LCD screen and also print for filing in patient chart

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