Hematology analyzers perform blood analysis to identify common physiological issues such as anemia, diabetes, infections, cancers and autoimmune deficiencies as well as to obtain information on genetic factors, organ deficiencies, viruses, and more. There are several brands and models of hematology analyzers in the market. Clinical labs looking to achieve efficiency with hematology procedures need to purchase a hematology analyzer that:


  • avoids time-wasting procedures
  • offers flexibility with high throughput
  • reduces the need for repeat testing and repeat slide reviews
  • provides quick results
  • is user-friendly and cost-effective

The Abbott Cell Dyn 3500 SL from Abbott Diagnostics is a high-end blood analyzer that has all these qualities. It can measure a multitude of parameters and offers advanced data management. Other useful features of this device include:

  • Simplified data interpretation
  • Differential screening with quick, accurate results
  • Closed and open sampling options
  • High storage capacity with on-board storage for up to 10,000 patient reports
  • Optical scatter and impedance for accurate particle count
  • Customizable patient reports

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