Reagent StripsThe chemical analysis of urine is a crucial test regardless of the type of disease involved. Clinical labs use urine strips for general screening in routine examination, studies of the distribution and causes of disease frequency in human populations and to control health problems, early identification of pathologic issues, and monitoring of treatment. Currently, labs perform urine analysis using reagent test strips. The best option for labs of all sizes is to rely on an established clinical laboratory equipment supplier for their reagent strip requirements.

Screening for Various Tests

The reagent strip itself is a slim band of paper saturated with various chemical indicators for different substances at various points on the strip. Screening tests on a strip would include pH, specific gravity, protein, glucose, ketones, bilirubin, blood, nitrites, urobilinogen, leukocytes, urobilinogen, blood and ascorbic acid. Patients can also be given test strips for diabetic self-monitoring.

Efficient Use for Reliable Results

The process of urine examination involves the screening of the test strip and, if relevant, the examination of the sediment under a microscope. To ensure early detection of disease, manufacturers of quality reagent strips strive to provide a product that offers accurate results within as little time as one minute.

Efficient use of urinalysis strips is ensured with

  • Defining optimal storage time and temperature
  • Defining the proper procedure on the use of the strips
  • Description of the chemical reaction and interpretation of results
  • Identifying procedures that will confirm accuracy of results

Reagent strips can provide accurate results only if they are properly handled and stored in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. They should not be exposed to moisture or direct sunlight and must not be contaminated by human hand or other surfaces. Expiration dates should be routinely checked. Reagent strips should also be periodically tested with urine controls.

Leading laboratory equipment dealers supply a wide range of urine strips, controls and consumables to meet the requirements of physicians’ offices and clinical labs. Relying on an established supplier would ensure quality CLIA-waived reagent strips in convenient packs and kits at the best prices.