Medica has simplified electrolyte analyzer operation with its EasyElectrolytes analyzer. The system can measure Na+, K+, and Cl -, or Li+ in whole blood, serum, urine and plasma. It comes with everything needed to simplify lab operations for electrolyte analysis, a great advantage for the busy clinical labs of today.

Medica EasyElectrolyte AnalyzerIt can be rightly said the Easy electrolyte analyzers by Medica redefine electrolyte analyzer design. The system combines state-of-the-art software and hardware to track all analyzer results. It takes just 35 seconds to display and print measured results on a 55 μL serum sample. Besides offering easy data management, it can store complete statistics for monthly quality control results at each of three levels. Results for up to 64 patients can be stored in its memory.

Medica’s electrolyte analyzer has a simple Yes/No prompted operation with the touch of a keypad, making things easy for even new users. Its modular design makes it even more reliable and cost-effective.

Samples are accepted in syringes, capillary tubes and sample containers without adapters. The self-wiping feature of the sample probe offers convenience, sample integrity and user safety.

EasyElectrolytes is also built to help labs deliver sample results economically. Its distinctive electrode design blends with precise control of calibrator volumes to ensure economical operation and reduce cost per sample. Moreover, the system saves on routine maintenance which is limited to the replacement of electrodes and a single pump tube.

The disposable, maintenance-free electrodes allow quick and fail-safe set up. The compact reagent module contains liquid calibrants and collects all waste, adding to the device’s convenience, economy and safety.