Medica EasyRa is a versatile random access clinical chemistry analyzer that can meet the diverse needs of small laboratories in healthcare practices. It performs endpoint, enzymatic, rate, bichromatic, and potentiometric analysis. This analyzer has brought testing in-house, improved patient care, and is helping healthcare practices reduce overall costs. The capabilities of this chemistry analyzer that makes it an ideal companion for small practice labs are:EasyRA Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

  • EasyRA can administer hundreds of tests without the need for supervision by a technician. This helps labs reduce operating costs.
  • It comes with a simple and intuitive user interface so that minimal training is necessary to use it.
  • It is quickly operational and ready to run samples. It can be set up fast. Its user-friendly displays clearly show the progress of a run and facilitate changes.
  • It is virtually maintenance-free, so there is no downtime. The photometer’s xenon flash lamp has a 5-year use life and its bulb does not have to be replaced. The diluter pump seals also do not require any maintenance.

The EasyRa is designed to reduce data entry errors. There is no manual programming involved, not even for reagent set up. The user just has to place a smart reagent wedge on the EasyRa and the analyzer spots the locations of the reagent, number and volume of samples, and expiration dates. Ensuring dependable performance on a consistent basis, the EasyRa is, as manufacturer Medica says, an altogether “different story”.