QBC Autoread Plus Hematology SystemThe QBC STAR and QBC Autoread Plus are two unique hematology analyzers that have revolutionized blood count analysis. The reason is that these systems are based on dry reagent technology. While a traditional hematology analyzer uses bulky liquid reagents to perform blood count analysis, the QBC STAR and QBC Autoread Plus use just one tube for blood collection and analysis with dry reagents. Point-of-care diagnostics in doctors’ practices, small labs, and rural and remote healthcare settings have received a tremendous boost with these hematology analyzers.

A dry hematology analyzer can provide an accurate 9-parameter blood count in just 7 minutes. The system features a unique sample collection tube that is lined internally with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) and acridine orange. The tube is filled with a sample containing a small blood mixed with dry reagents. The unique proteins within the blood cells are stained by the reagents and the sample is exposed to a particular wavelength of light. The stained enzymes then glow, allowing the analyzer to measure the volume of the blood cells to establish the sample’s composition.

Dry hematology analyzers offer several benefits over traditional wet hematology analyzers:

  • Minimal maintenance: Dry hematology reagents are easier to store. They can be kept in the disposable sample collection tube. The tube can be discarded after use and there is no need for cleaning the reagent wells or decontaminating or replacing the tubes
  • Longer shelf life: Unlike liquid reagents, dry hematology reagents last longer, even over a year.
  • Ease of storage: Labs can save a lot of inventory space as all the reagents can be stored within the sample collection device. Liquid reagents are sensitive to storage conditions and have to be purchased before they expire, or else lab operations will be affected.
  • Durable and cost-effective: Hematology testing can be done in virtually any environment, even in the harshest conditions.
  • Portable: As dry reagents are used the system can be transported easily
  • Easy to set up and use: Set up time is minimal. Lab personnel can be easily trained to use the system. Results are automatically printed out.

The QBC STAR and QBC Autoread Plus are products of QBC Diagnostics, the well-known global manufacturer of hematology and infectious disease diagnostics equipment. They are available at leading online lab equipment stores at attractive rates.