Drug Testing in Rehab CentersAbstinence from drugs and alcohol is the major goal of substance abuse treatment programs in rehab centers. Highly accurate drug testing is necessary for the success of drug-alcohol addiction rehab programs. Timely quantitative results are crucial to attain the goal of successful addiction recovery.

Drug testing is a positive aspect of drug addiction treatment in many ways:

  • Detects the presence of non-prescribed prescription drug medications or illegal substances
  • Helps identify potential relapse so that corrective steps can be taken
  • Supports long-term addiction treatment
  • Encourages honesty both within the patient himself and with his outside interactions

These diagnostic tests or screenings can determine how the treatment program can be most optimally tailored to suit the specific needs of patients and the stage of addiction.

Urine testing is generally the most popular method of testing for illicit drugs. The test measures urine for the presence of illegal drugs including amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, THC, phencyclidine, and sometimes alcohol. Performing urine drug tests throughout substance abuse treatment help rehabilitation centers to ensure that the plan is working and the patients are no longer taking drugs.

Laboratory tests take longer to produce a result, thus delaying the treatment. New point-of-care urine test cups resolve this problem. QuikScreen multi drug test cups provide accurate test results within five minutes. This FDA-approved, CLIA waived drug test cup is a rapid, qualitative immunoassay for the detection of drugs of abuse in urine. The test employs a unique mixture of antibodies to selectively identify the drugs of abuse and their metabolites in test samples with a high degree of sensitivity. The testing procedure involves just dispensing urine into cup, waiting for five minutes, and then reading the results.

Available in custom configurations, these test cups are completely made in USA and come with features such as an 18-24 month shelf life, easy-to-interpret color bands, and built-in optional adulteration strips and test control. Established vendors of laboratory equipment offer these test cups at a great price.