Drucker DiagnosticsThe world is waging a war against Ebola, one of the most lethal enemies it has encountered in recent times. While the race to develop a vaccine is on, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are developing plans to monitor and treat patients at risk and protect their brave healthcare workers.

Platelet count and the White Blood Cell count (WBC) are often abnormal in Ebola virus patients, according to the CDC. High quality lab equipment is therefore indispensable when it comes to analyzing blood samples. Drucker Diagnostics, (formed by the merger of QBC Diagnostics and The Drucker Co.), a privately held company headquartered in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania announced in a press release that its QBC STAR Dry Hematology Analyzer is a product that can assist in the Ebola crisis and help save human lives around the world.

The QBC Star hematology system monitors a patient’s blood count and provides a 9 parameter CBC (which includes Platelet and WBC’s) result in less than 7 minutes. No bulky liquid reagents are needed as all of the reagents needed to perform a CBC test are contained in the system’s QBC STAR Tube. After the tube is filled with the blood sample, the clinician simply has to place it in the analyzer to get the test results in matter of minutes. Bio-hazard risk is also reduced as the STAR Tube is not only capped and sealed, self contained when placed in the analyzer, and does not contact the analyzer.

Ken Moscone, President and CEO of Drucker Diagnostics said, “The QBC STAR Dry Hematology Analyzer is a very robust instrument that provides a quick and precise complete blood count for the patient and requires only a few drops of blood for analysis. Because the blood sample is in a small sealed disposable, possible contamination is minimized. We are extremely pleased that as an organization, we are able to provide a product to assist in the Ebola crisis and help save human lives around the world”.

Like Drucker blood count analyzers, Drucker centrifuges are also known for their efficiency, ensuring precise spin times, ease of use and safety. The company also manufactures fluorescence microscopy and infectious disease products.

Drucker Diagnostics said they are working with hospitals and clinics in the United States in their preparedness planning efforts. The QBC STAR analyzer will be a key piece of equipment as organizations define and implement their readiness plans.