Simport Disposable Plastic Lab WareDisposable plastic pipettes, cassettes, containers, funnels and tubes are used in laboratories to handle minute liquid samples. Based in Canada, Simport® Scientific is a leading developer and designer of quality consumable and reusable laboratory products.Reliable lab equipment suppliers offer innovative disposables manufactured by Simport to improve research techniques and methods.

Simport’s product line includes:

  • Cassettes – Simport offers cassettes that are especially suited to meet your specific needs when processing regular tissue samples, single and multiple biopsies and also large specimens. Most models can be used with automated labeling machines.
    • Tissue Cassettes – These disposable plastic tissue cassettes are suitable for holding and identifying tissue samples in processing, embedding, and sectioning procedures. These cassettes are designed to accept standard metal lids and will keep specimens in complete safety during processing.
      • Tissue Processing / Embedding Cassettes, Without Lids, Clear
      • HISTOSETTE I Tissue Processing / Embedding Cassettes, With Lid, Blue
    • Biopsy Cassettes – Disposable biopsy cassettes are specially designed to hold biopsy specimens during the embedding process, as well as in a storage file. The one-piece integral lid eliminates the need for separate steel lids.
      • UNISETTE Biopsy Processing / Embedding Cassettes
      • HISTOSETTE II Biopsy Processing / Embedding Cassettes, Base and Lid Separate, Pink
  • Cytology Funnels – Cytology Funnel with disposable sample chamber allows for two samples to be run simultaneously on a single slide and is ideal for immuno histo chemistry work. CytoSep™ Cytology Funnels can be used to deposit a thin layer of cells in a clearly defined area of a microscope slide. The filter card absorbs any excess fluid. These Cytology Funnels have the filter cards pre-attached for consistent, reliable results. All disposable funnels are packaged with closure caps to seal in specimen for added protection.
    • CytoSep Cytology Funnel Brown Filter Paper (Case of 200)
    • CytoSep Cytology Funnel for Sakura Cyto-Tek Cytocentrifuge – Base Holder Only (Case of 200)
  • Biopsy containers – Simport® offers multi-compartment containers for holding and transporting biopsies. Each compartment is clearly identified to allow proper placement and visualization of the breast biopsy being inserted. A writing area for patient information is provided. Leakproof seal and o-ring lid allows for safe and easy transport of the specimens from collection to analysis.
    • CoreDish, 12 Compartment Biopsy Container
    • CoreDish Breast Biopsy, 5 Compartment Container