Dimension EXL200Integrated chemistry analyzers, which combine chemistry and immunoassay testing on a single platform, allow labs to consolidate testing and improve workflow efficiency. The Siemens Dimension® EXL™ 200 is a popular integrated chemistry system featuring advanced technology and automated productivity-enhancing features, making it an ideal option for both low-volume and STAT laboratories. Its patented LOCI® Advanced Chemiluminescent Technology processes immunoassay tests more quickly, while increasing the reliability and sensitivity of test results.

This analyzer can perform up to 440 photometric chemistry tests per hour and 187 IMT tests per hour on serum, plasma, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid. Its comprehensive menu allows the user to run the majority of requested tests and look at the parameters of whole disease states from a single primary tube. It also provides labs with the opportunity to do more testing in-house to expand their offerings and increase revenue.

This chemistry analyzer promotes better patient care as it provides faster and more accurate laboratory analysis. Chemistry and immunoassay integration allows simultaneous processing to maximize workflow efficiency. The system uniquely integrates technologies on a single platform without compromising quality, turnaround times, or productivity.

The key of features of the Dimension® EXL™ 200 include:

  • Flex® reagent cartridge packaging
  • Excellent STAT testing capability
  • Common reagent packaging
  • Plasma qualified assays
  • Helpful alert system
  • Automating control and calibration procedures
  • Paperless, electronic data storage
  • User-defined serum index (HIL) testing
  • Short reaction times, no washing or separation steps
  • Fully automated onboard pretreatment (when required)

This easy-to-use chemistry testing platform from Siemens provides the confidence that trained operators can run any test, any time. No manual reagent preparation or sample pretreatment is needed. It also comes with proactive STAT, sample, supply, QC and calibration alerts. Users can also benefit from impressive throughput and productivity, easy processing and less maintenance. As the user interfaces are consistent, only minimum training is required to use the system. Established lab equipment suppliers offer this analyzer refurbished with 90 days parts warranty.