Digital microscopes connect to a computer and offer amazing detail. They are useful for a wide range of applications. In contrast to an optical microscope, a digital microscope uses a digital detector and allows clear focus with more exact observation data. The instrument can clearly depict even large projections and depressions. In addition to superior depth of field and depth composition, a digital microscope allows images and text data to be saved in the computer’s memory. So it’s easy to email and share data with a digital microscope, allowing doctors and labs to review a case instantly.

Coming to stereomicroscopes, what sets them apart are their dual eyepieces and long working distance. You don’t have to close one eye to view the object as in a conventional microscope with a monocular head. Moreover, the two optical paths are at slightly different angles which provide you with a three-dimensional image. The stereomicroscope is a great choice in biological science: it allows the identification and dissection of small organisms, easy counting of fine structures in living material, and implanting of microelectrodes in cells. Students can watch plant photosynthesis in action through a stereo microscope.

Industry leader LW Scientific offers high quality digital and stereomicroscopes. Taking digital microscopes, LW Scientific d-VID Hand-Held Digital Video Microscope is one of the best options in the market. This advanced instrument comes with USB output interface and high resolution magnification. Its software allows the capture of vivid color images with a simple click. It is also easy to install.

When you don’t need zoom capability and want a stereomicroscope which offers superior optical quality, LW Scientific’s Vision is an economical choice. The Vision Stereoscope Microscope on Boom Stand comes with a trinocular head and provides live images to camera and both eyepieces at the same time. This industrial grade stereo microscope designed for ‘hands under’ operation has a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.