Smart 700/340Evaluating modifiable risk factors for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases before the onset of disease is important for effective prevention initiatives. Monitoring HbA1c in people with diabetes allows prevention, early detection and treatment of complications associated with the condition. Point-of-care analyzers are making this easy as they use fingerstick blood samples and offer immediate results for quick decision-making. Early prediction is possible only with instruments that ensure proven precision, accuracy, validity, and reliability. And Diazyme’s Smart 700/340 offers all of that!

A versatile but simple and reliable point of care analyzer, Smart 700/340 improves diabetes management and cardiac risk adjustment. It offers quality results for HbA1c (diabetes monitoring), hsCRP (inflammatory marker), CRP, Cystatin C (renal function) Homocysteine (cardiac marker), Lipoproteine (a), Microalbumin and D-Dimmer tests.

This flexible “walk away” system is easy to use and maintain. It can connect to a PC and to HIS or LIM. The test procedure is simple: insert the RFID card, collect the sample, insert a cartridge and press ‘start’. At the same time, this analyzer provides reliable analytical performance, offering the accuracy and precision levels of large-scale laboratory analyzers. Automated integrity check is ensured with each test.

With a user-friendly communication interface, learning to use this analyzer is simple. It enables quick data entry with icons and easy data transfer to printer or host. It also identifies lot expiration date and indicates the number of tests remaining. Updates of testing procedures are permitted without having to change the instrument’s software.