Siemens DCA VantagePoint-of-care testing (POCT) is relevant in diabetes management. POCT offers many benefits in the clinical care of patients with diabetes, including immediate results, decision-making without the need for repeated visits, hands-on patient education, improved collaboration between patients and providers, and better patient adherence. It allows clinicians to guide and reinforce their patients to maintain target blood glucose levels. However, getting trusted, clinically relevant results for HbA1c and albumin tests depends on the use of instruments that offer proven precision, accuracy, validity, and reliability. The Siemens DCA Vantage is a point-of-care diabetes care analyzer that offers all of this and more.

The superiority of this POCT hematology system lies in its design.

POCT1-A2 communication protocol makes interfacing and connecting easy. It supports two-way communication to LIS/HIS as well as other third-party POC data management systems, which helps remotely monitor and centrally manage analyzers, operators, quality control activities, and reporting for multiple instruments and sites.

The system also offers better compliance and data security. Operator lockout prevents unauthorized access to patient information. It comes with onboard support for 1,000 operator IDs, easing operator management in hospitals with large staffs. Audit trails can be used to link patient results to an operator for better compliance.

DCA Vantage ensures flexibility with data management. HbA1c reference ranges are printed, displayed, and transmitted with each patient record and eAG results are also provided. Such comprehensive information enhances result interpretation. Automatic transmission of control ranges to the LIS minimizes the need for manual logging.

Siemens also provides reagents for use on the analyzers it supplies. The DCA 2000 Reagent Kit for HBA1C, CLIA Waived, 10/kit provides quantitative HbAc value in 6 minutes from capillary. The monoclonal antibody method offers exceptional accuracy and precision. In a correlation study, this reagent kit showed 99% agreement with the HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) method.

According to an independent study published in 2010, the DCA Vantage delivers trusted, clinically relevant results. The study found that it was one of only two point-of-care HbA1c analyzers to meet newly tightened NGSP performance criteria.

Like all other performance driven solutions offered by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, this hematology platform can streamline workflow, enhance operational efficiency, and support improved patient outcomes in any healthcare setting. Leading lab equipment suppliers offer the DCA Vantage and reagent kits at attractive rates.