Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM chemistry analyzerOne of the greatest advantages of the Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM chemistry analyzer is that it combines comprehensive STAT, routine chemistry and immunoassay testing on a single, compact, easy-to-use system. It is ideal for use in a wide spectrum of lab settings.

Features and Benefits

This system provides a number of advantages, including decreased turnaround time.

  • Compact yet powerful piece of laboratory equipment: offers full disease-state profiling on a single system with 90 critical methods and growing
  • Offers true integration: simultaneous immunoassay and chemistry processing, one sample area, and common reagent area
  • Versatile: The most commonly ordered panels from a single panel
  • User-friendly: No reagent or sample preparation, minimal maintenance, low calibration frequency, no instrument pause to load reagents
  • Built-in automation with minimal operator involvement featuring autorun at lab-defined ‘panic’ values, sample level sense to warn of low volumes before processing, and more

The assay menu of the Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM includes general chemistry, electrolytes, enzymes, antimicrobials, toxicology, drugs-of-abuse, diabetes management, cardiac risk assessment, therapeutic drug monitoring, and more.

Hands-on time is minimal with this versatile system which is also available recertified with lab equipment dealers. There is no doubt that laboratories investing in the Dade Dimension Xpand w/HM get the best out of cost.