Clinitek Reagent Strips for Quick and Easy Microalbumin TestingA chronic illness, diabetes has many risk factors can lead to serious medical conditions such as kidney disease, vascular issues, nerve damage and blindness. Lab tests based on the patient’s medical condition have to be performed for the early detection of diabetes and the diagnosis of complications to reduce the chances further medical problems.

For patients with diabetes or hypertension, it is important to test for microalbuminuria on an annual basis as this can detect kidney disease in its early stages. Microalbuminuria is defined as amounts of albumin in the range of 30 to 300 mg in a 24-h urine collection. Early detection of microalbuminuria will allow physicians to begin treatment earlier than it would have been possible. CLINITEK® Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips by Siemens serve this purpose by providing albumin, creatinine and albumin-to-creatinine (A:C) ratio results in one minute.

Suitable for in-office, clinic or hospital testing, the benefits of these strips are:

  • Quick and more sensitive and precise detection of elevated albumin than other products designed for general protein testing
  • Offer semi-quantitative results with a hard-copy report on the CLINITEK Status® family of analyzers
  • Ideal for point-of-care testing
  • Eliminates the need to send out patient samples and wait for results
  • Convenient for testing random urine samples and there is no need to collect timed samples

These CLIA-waived Reagent Strips are meant for use on the CLINITEK 50® and CLINITEK Status family of analyzers. They offer increased sensitivity of albumin as low as 2.0 mg/dL and are compliant with ADA guidelines.

By helping to kidney damage at an initial stage, CLINITEK® Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips help physicians plan proper interventions to slow the progression of the disease and to preserve kidney function for a longer period. These user-friendly reagent strips are available at leading lab equipment stores at a competitive price.