Clinical laboratory blood gas analyzers are widely used for scientific research requiring fast and accurate measurement of the concentration of lactate, hemoglobin and electrolytes. With these laboratory equipment, you can easily assess acid-base status and the supply of oxygen in the blood, plasma and serum. They are helpful for easy diagnosis and evaluation of respiratory diseases and metabolic conditions causing abnormal pH.

Blood Gas Analyzers with Innovative Features

Clinical laboratory blood gas analyzers are now available in different models and specifications for a wide range of research applications. The latest models come with computer interfaces and internal algorithms for attaining accuracy in results. Icon enriched color touch-screen, automatic calibration, quality control tracking, and advanced onboard data management are some of the quality features you can find in these clinical laboratory blood gas analyzers. Nowadays, certain models are also available with video guidance to simplify workload. Some of them even have the capacity to store 1500 patient samples reports.

Buy Standard Products for Better Performance

Output of laboratory researches is a very critical factor. The number of samples, the tests per samples and the selection of samples contribute much to the accuracy of the analysis. Hence, it is important to carry quality products for your research needs. Due to the rise in demand, suppliers of clinical laboratory blood gas analyzers are also increasing.

Today there are number of dealers in the field supplying new and refurbished models in the finest condition. Bayer, Instrumentation Laboratory and Radiometer are the reliable manufacturers in the field supplying popular brands of clinical laboratory blood gas analyzers. Find a dependable dealer in the industry, from whom you can purchase quality products for your labs.