Chromate Microplate ReaderThe ChroMate® Microplate Reader from industry leader Awareness Technology is a compact and economical 8-channel device. It reads absorbances of 96 wells precisely in about 12 seconds.

Microplate readers are designed to detect biological, chemical or physical events of samples in microtiter plates. Immunofluorescence (IF) and ELISA tests in labs are often done using microtiter plates and the reactions are read using microplate readers. Today, the standardized dimensions of these plates have made them ideal for automation, and their relatively small sample volumes and high well densities provide advantages in terms of reagent usage, cost and speed. Microplates have been standard tools in analytical research and clinical diagnostic testing laboratories for several decades.

ChroMate® runs EIA /ELISA and many other applications, with on-board calculations for point-to point, linear and log regressions, and log logit modes. This computer controlled, open system is designed with ease of use, speed, accuracy at an economic price point. It permits users to program a wide variety of assays. Simply select an assay from the stored menu and load the plate.

The instrument facilitates full access to high level software with reporting, curve fitting, and data storage to meet the requirements of modern laboratories. Its versatile and flexible software comes ready to “plug and play” on a flash drive. The software also features:

  • Critical QC tracking
  • Cutoff, Cutoff Control, Cutoff Calibrator
  • Point-to-point curve fit, Multipoint % absorbance, and linear regressions
  • Polynomial and Sigmoidal regressions
  • Patient database with multiple reporting options

The device also permits the user to select plate layout options for individual tests or panels/screens. Its streamlined design and minimal footprint offers superb optics to fit any size lab bench. Purchase of the ChroMate® Microplate Reader from an established online lab equipment store would ensure cost savings and reliable customer support.