Choosing the Right Recertified Coagulation Analyzer Can Enhance Lab Productivity

Recent studies predict that coagulation testing, both lab-based and point-of-care (POC), will continue to be a main element in the growing vitro diagnostics market in the coming years. Coagulation analysis is no longer restricted to the study and dissolution of clot formation. Greater understanding of the nature of coagulation processes and of new therapeutic agents to treat hemostatic disorders has resulted in the development of reliable and fast lab test procedures to analyze the various components involved. Modern automated coagulation analyzers meet these needs with assay menus that include PT, APTT, Calcium Chloride, Fibrinogen, Heparin, D-Dimer, Thrombophilia, and more.

While a properly drawn blood sample is crucial to interpreting the results of coagulation tests, a lot also depends on the coagulation analyzer you choose for your lab. New instruments are expensive, but fortunately there are various models of high quality refurbished coagulation analyzers available in leading lab equipment stores. When buying a refurbished analyzer, consider factors such as the types of tests to be done and whether the instrument can provide these, throughput capacity, stat capability, closed tube sampling, and computer interfacing capabilities. There are different models available to meet varying volume needs and testing requirements. So it’s also necessary to look at the test menu and ensure that it meets your lab’s needs.

A small coagulation analyzer for specialty tests and/or stats could be ideal for labs with a high volume of routine tests. Large automated instruments with an extensive test menu and high throughputs are useful in central laboratories as they can aid in determining diagnosis, follow-up care and the efficacy of treatment.

Beckman Coulter offers fully automated, user-friendly coagulation analyzers with a comprehensive test menu and advanced features to help maximize lab productivity and improve patient care. The ACL Top 700 Coagulation Analyzer offers throughput up to 360 PT results per hour and enhanced safety via closed-tube sampling. Another model, the ACL 9000 offers a comprehensive test menu for clotting, and chromogenic and immunologic testing. The ACL Elite is a compact and easy-to-use hemostasis system designed to maximize productivity in small to mid-volume labs. In addition to a comprehensive menu for routine, specialty and STAT testing, the benefits of this system include minimal maintenance and walk-away capability. All these coagulation analyzer models are available refurbished.