ChemWell Chemistry AnalyzersChemistry analyzers are an essential instrument in all types of laboratories, from point-of-care facilities to high-throughput labs, to test for analytes such as proteins, enzymes, and electrolytes. These devices analyze samples of blood serum, plasma, and urine through photometric and immuno-turbidimetric assay tests.

Leading manufacturers offer innovative models of these chemistry systems. Awareness Technology’s line of ChemWell analyzers are among the most popular products in the market. A completely open system that is easy to program, Chemwell can set up assays, routine jobs, quality control, panels, and even index calculations to based on the laboratory needs. Automation eliminates the potential errors of manual analyses such as volumetric pipetting steps, calculation of results, and transcription of results.

ChemWell Analyzer Models

  • ChemWell T – This fully automated, random access analyzer for Biochemistry and lmmuno-Turbidimetric assays is designed specifically for lower throughput labs, specialty labs, and to serve as a dependable backup analyzer. It can run 100 tests per hour. Its advanced features include –
    • User-programmable open system
    • Complete QC package
    • Self-monitoring mechanicals and optics
  • ChemWell 2910 – Entirely password protected, this completely open system can program additional wash volume, increase the number of washes, or even direct the probe to pick up and dispense a cleaning solution after each specimen. The device can run 200 tests per hour. Features include –
    • Liquid sensing probe tip
    • 8-well wash head
    • Auto dilute and retest for over-range samples
  • ChemWell 2902 – Capable of running general chemistries in standard microwells, the device can make pre-dilutions. The device handles up to 27 reagents, 96 samples. Its intuitive new interface features:
    • Simpler assay programming
    • Easier to modify Report formats
    • “Drag and drop” sample and reagent positions
  • ChemWell® FUSION – This affordable automated open system for low-throughput lab enables ELISA and CLIA assays to run together on a single instrument, even within a single plate. This model gives clinicians freedom of choice when it comes to the assays and methods they want to use in their laboratories. Features include –
    • Pipettes from 2uL to 250uL
    • 96-well plates
    • 12 standard 8-well micro strips

Choosing the right model for your lab is important. For instance, the use of a high-throughput analyzer for a small lab would result in waste of the device’s capacity and failure to achieve a reasonable return on investment. In addition to throughput, physical size and menu of available tests are also important when choosing a chemistry lab system. Reliable suppliers of laboratory equipment provide professional guidance to help their customers make the right selection.