Indispensable in clinical laboratories, chemistry analyzers serve a wide range of diagnostic needs. Accuracy and efficiency are what you should consider when buying an analyzer. Chemistry analyzers with the following features can make a great difference to your lab operations:

  • Closed tube sampling: This assures safety by minimizing the risk of contact with blood samples
  • On-board sample and reagent refrigeration: A chemistry analyzer with a built-in refrigerated compartment for reagent storage helps avoid the need for immediate reagent transfer
  • Built-in tracking system: Chemistry analyzers with software that locates and tracks samples, patients and reagent information such as expiration date and availability, reduces the need for manual tracking of these details
  • Automatic flagging of abnormal results: Advanced models of chemistry analyzers flag abnormal results and provide fast and accurate reporting of abnormal tests. Some perform auto repeat tests, saving operator time and allowing greater reliability of results.
  • Space-saving design: An analyzer with a compact, streamlined design saves bench space. High quality portable chemistry analyzers are very popular today
  • Ease of use and low maintenance: Analyzers featuring user-friendly operation, ease of maintenance and intelligent software are very useful features for high volume labs
  • Reliability: A chemistry analyzer should ideally have little downtime

Advanced models of chemistry analyzers come with most of these features. A professional lab equipment supplier can help you choose the right type of instrument for your lab based on factors such as testing volume, operating costs, and more.