Chemistry analyzers designed for small and medium-sized clinics are economical, easy to operate and deliver reliable results within a minimum span of time. Well-known dealers offer both new and recertified models of chemistry analyzers for use in small and medium-sized clinics.

Used in a Range of Analytical Applications

Chemistry analyzers are used to perform tests for routine chemistry analysis of bilirubin, uric acid, magnesium, glucose, albumin, creatinine, urea nitrogen (BUN), calcium, inorganic phosphorus and iron. The devices are also used for conducting assays to evaluate thyroid, lipid electrolyte, therapeutic drugs use of drugs of abuse, and more.

Designed With Innovative Features

Several recognized manufacturers including Roche Diagnostics, Bayer, Cholestech, Beckman, Alfa Wasserman Dade, Elan Diagnostics and Olympus supply high quality chemistry analyzers. Most of the models come with advanced features and specifications to meet the research requirements of small and medium clinics. The important features of a standard chemistry analyzer like the Roche Hitachi 911 model include:

  • Fully automated with two units: analytical unit and control unit
  • 46 programmable tests
  • Reagent dispense volume of 25-350 mL per
  • Refrigerated storage for 64 reagent containers
  • Sampling rate: one in every 20 seconds for ISE and one in every 10 seconds for photometric chemistries
  • STAT testing capability
  • 250-500 mL total reaction volume per test
  • Monochromatic, bi-chromatic, endpoint and kinetic assay types

Chemistry analyzers also come with microprocessor controlled pipetting system, optional ISE module, security system for laboratory-defined parameters, simple rack handling capability and sufficient parts warranty.

Rely on an Established Distributor

Small and medium-sized clinics looking to invest in a chemistry analyzer should rely on an established distributor that stocks both new and recertified models of chemistry analyzers. Cost-sensitive establishments can choose a suitable model to meet their specific diagnostic requirements and budget.