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20 03, 2017

VistaLab Ovation Pipettes – Avoid the Physical Stresses and Strains of Pipetting

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Traditional pipettes with elongated axial designs cause severe discomfort to the user, resulting in tension and fatigue in shoulder or neck, sustained contact pressure leading to hand cramps, and more. VistaLab Ovation Pipettes are specifically designed to compliment work within the "comfort zone". Their adjustable hook provides custom comfort and reduced holding effort, allowing muscles [...]

9 01, 2017

VistaLab Ovation Pipettes – Ensure Superior Performance and Proper Ergonomics

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Ovation pipettes by VistaLab are known for their superior performance and also for being an ergonomic alternative to traditional pipettes. These pipettes offer amazing comfort, exceptional accuracy, and flawless tip mounting. Unlike traditional pipettes, the Ovation is designed for the way the user's body works. These units are proven to significantly prevent and reduce injuries [...]

25 10, 2012

Minimizing Ergonomic Risk with Pipette Use

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Use shorter pipettes to reduce stress caused by awkward posture. This post discusses some more pipette tips to minimize stress with pipette use.

7 03, 2011

Vistalab Ovation Pipettes

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Vistalab ovation pipettes are incorporated with an array of advanced and user-friendly features. VistaLab Ovation Pipettes are absolutely free from contamination.