27 04, 2015

UNICO Laboratory Equipment – Efficient and Dependable

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With an uncompromised commitment to manufacturing quality laboratory equipment and accessories for clinical and research applications, UNICO has established itself as an industry leader. The company offers a diverse range of instruments for a wide variety of applications including microscopes, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, mixers and rotators. Let’s take a look at a few innovative UNICO products [...]

30 06, 2012

Tips for Buying a Spectrophotometer

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This blog gives some tips for buying a spectrophotometer. Purchase spectrophotometer from a lab equipment supplier that offers professional installation.

21 03, 2011

General Purpose Spectrophotometers

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General purpose spectrophotometers are integrated with a range of advanced features. Spectrophotometers are handy enough for students and are used in high school and college laboratories as well.

19 10, 2010

SpectroQuest Line of UV-Visible Scanning Spectrophotometers

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SpectroQuest line of UV-visible scanning spectrophotometers features standalone models with a double beam design. The advanced SpectroQuest line consists of four distinct series to satisfy the wide range of educational, industrial and research applications. SQ2800 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, 110V-220V SQ2802S UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, 110V-220V It consists of 4 series namely: SQ-2802: Stand alone model with 1.8 nm [...]

7 07, 2010

Unico 1200 Series Spectrophotometers

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As a gadget which measures the amount of ultraviolet light absorbed by a substance, the spectrophotometer is a key instrument in modern biomedical laboratories. Unico 1200 Series Spectrophotometers – Built to ensure Precise Results Unico 1200 series spectrophotometers are designed to ensure reliable and efficient operation. These sophisticated spectrophotometers facilitate absorbance, transmittance and concentration modes [...]