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10 09, 2010

Sorvall Centrifuges for Clinical Labs

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Sorvall is a leading manufacturer of centrifuges for clinical labs. Nowadays Sorvall centrifuges for clinical labs find greater demand due to their reliable performance with minimum maintenance. They are used in clinical labs to separate particles of varying density from a solution. The particles may be biomolecules, insoluble compounds, or cells. Various Models of Centrifuges [...]

16 07, 2010

Used Sorvall Laboratory Centrifuges

By |July 16th, 2010|Laboratory Centrifuge, Sorvall Centrifuge|Comments Off on Used Sorvall Laboratory Centrifuges

A laboratory centrifuge refers to a piece of motor-driven laboratory equipment that spins liquid samples at high speed. Centrifuges vary according to size and the sample capacity. Sorvall is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges. They offer a vast array of new as well as used laboratory centrifuges. Used Sorvall laboratory centrifuges are [...]