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15 12, 2010

So-Low Ultra Low Freezers

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So-Low Ultra Low freezers are well-known for their durability and reliable performance.

23 09, 2010

Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers

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Laboratory refrigerators and freezers have an indispensable role in healthcare establishments, hospitals and science research facilities. They are used for the storage of medication, reagents, pharmaceutical drugs, blood and serum samples and other materials that need constant temperature and security. Laboratory Refrigerators for Efficient Storage Solutions To meet the varied needs of contemporary medical and [...]

9 09, 2010

So-Low Laboratory Freezers

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So-Low is a leading manufacturer of laboratory freezers. Laboratory professionals find extensive application for these units due to high level of quality construction, dependability, efficiency, exceptional quality and unequalled value. So-Low laboratory freezers are fabricated in such a manner so as to assure reliable heavy duty performance. Prominent Constructional Features of So-Low Laboratory Freezers The [...]