Chemistry Lab EquipmentQuality chemistry lab equipment is available online. All you have to do is go to the store of an established laboratory equipment dealer and browse by product to find the best deals. Most leading suppliers stock devices manufactured by leading brands. So what you should be looking for is equipment that meets your requirements at reasonable cost. Models built for large throughput offer considerable economies of scale and ensure a lower cost per test. On the other hand, if you are looking for chemistry devices for a small lab, you should be looking at how to reduce costs without compromising on accuracy and speed.

Take chemistry analyzers. Research and medical labs cannot do without this expensive device. Things to consider before purchase:

  • Do you want a benchtop or floor model? If the lab is small, a benchtop model can free up a lot of space
  • How many tests per hour? Thoughput is important in large volume labs.
  • Is it easy to operate? Ease of use features can reduce labot costs.
  • What are the system’s capabilities? Buy a model with only capabilities you need.

Awareness Technology and Mindray offer exclusive chemistry analyzer models to meet the requirements of both large and small labs. For instance, Chem Well 2910 from Awareness Technology is an easily programmable open system that allows the user to set up routine tasks, assays, index calculations, quality control, and more. It ensures a high level of precision and is easy to clean. This manufacturer also offers other models that are dependable, versatile, and economical. Another leading industry brand, Mindray offers the BS-200 Standard Configuration with Barcode Reader and ISE Module with many advanced features. Its capabilities include discrete, random access, automated 200 tests per hour, and up to 330 tests per hour with ISE. Whichever model you choose make sure it suits your specific needs.