Buying a chemistry analyzer for your lab is an important decision and one that has to be thought out carefully. You need to consider your lab’s requirements and make sure that the model you buy has the capabilities to meet them. Cost is another important consideration. Here are some guidelines to help you:

Stat Fax 3300 Chemistry AnalyzerThe number of tests required is crucial. A busy clinical lab serving multi-specialty needs will need to conduct different types of tests, while a smaller lab in a primary care clinic would have comparatively fewer test requirements.

Consider the analyzer’s throughput capabilities. STAT mode is important for urgent samples. Meeting turnaround time is crucial for all lab devices.

Future requirements are important. If you expect your lab operations to expand, choose a chemistry analyzer that can meet these needs. You would need to make projections about sample requirements and the long-term objectives of you lab, including automation possibilities.

A practical option would be to go in for a branded, automated analyzer. Advanced models come with many useful capabilities such as bichromatic reading function, graphic display of kinetic plots in real time, printer, data storage facility, and so on. The Stat Fax 3300 Chemistry Analyzer from Awareness Technologies is a product has all of these features and more. It can create a work list, run tests, and print patient reports on its on-board thermal printer. It offers efficient storage of control values and creates Levey-Jennings plots for QC. The Stat Fax 3300 is available with an incubation accessory that can incubate 18 tubes at 37°C, indicate heating with its frontally positioned LED, and display temperature on its 3300 screen.

Look for a lab equipment supplier that can provide the product at a competitive price as well as ensure reliable post-purchase service.