LW Scientific is an eminent laboratory microscopes manufacturer that ensures versatile products at reasonable costs. You can buy faultless and technically perfect microscopes such as Monocular Microscope, Binocular Microscope, and Dual Head Fluorescent Microscope from L W Scientific. Microscopes from LW Scientific are known for their excellent visual clarity.

General Features of L W Scientific Laboratory Microscopes

  • Standard monocular head
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing with tension adjustment
  • Built with heavy cast alloy
  • Reagent and acid resistant finish
  • Locked in eye piece with pointer installed

L W laboratory microscopes are designed with certain unique features such as objectives mounted on a 4-position, and positive click-stop nose piece. All optical surfaces are finely polished, sealed and coated with anti-fungal, color correction and hardening agents to improve true color view and lifetime. You can also find models with fluorescent light source, and iris diaphragm designed for ‘hands under’ operation. Such microscopes ensure long working distance and extra-wide field of view making ultra fine details, easy to detect and manipulate.

Pole mount, variable halogen light and wide base gives the work space plenty of flexibility. Some of the microscopes are featured with tungsten bulbs to ensure bright white light illumination. Advanced models have certain safety features which include locked-on stage clips to accept an optional mechanical stage and an adjustable stage travel safety rack stop to prevent slide damage. Added advantages that attract buyers towards LW Scientific are the accessories provided along with the microscope—such as dust cover, blue and green filters, fuse, spare bulb, manual and warranty card.

Find a Reliable Provider

You can find a number of dealers supplying laboratory microscopes. By utilizing the services of reliable dealers in the industry, you can purchase the best model keeping within your budget. These dealers offer excellent technical support also.