Orbitron rotators are used for mixing blood samples, coupling affinity chromatography media, immunoassays, hybridizations, staining and destaining electrophoresis gels and DNA extractions. Boekal Scientific’s Orbitron Rotators offer high quality performance in these clinical applications. This advanced research equipment is used in blood banks and hematology laboratories.

Quality Models of Boekel Scientific Orbitron Rotators

Boekel Scientific’s Orbitron rotators include the Mini Orbitron Rotating Mixer, and the Orbitron Rotator I, II and III.

Mini Orbitron Rotating Mixer – The rotator is extremely quiet and specially designed to provide gentle and continuous mixing of specimens. Any type of blood tube, centrifuge tube, glass vial, or plate can be easily accommodated in this unit. It is good for use in labs with limited space. Its low profile and small footprint minimizes bench space. It comes with two white mats, one dimpled and one flat.

Orbitron Rotator I – Fixed speed and position platform, and gentle, low foaming agitation are the special features of this rotator. Its thin power cord can easily pass through the incubator door gaskets. The unit is supplied with a dimpled mat and 12 x 12 tray. Its pad can be conveniently removed for easy cleaning and test tube transport.

Orbitron Rotator II – The features of Orbitron Rotator II are almost the same as that of Rotator I. The device is ideal for all types of blotting procedures, and a variety of applications including staining and destaining electrophoresis gels, coupling affinity chromatography media, and rocking agglutination cards. It can function at a variable speed of 1 to 23 orbits per minute and variable tilt of 0° to 23° tilt angle.

Orbitron Rotator III – This advanced rotator comes with 3D gyrating motion, 12×12 flat mat, and an adjustable timer (up to 12 hours). It can function at a variable speed of 6-125 RPM, has a variable tilt angle of 0-23 degrees and a 20 lb (9 kg) load range.

These Orbitron Rotators come with a two-year warranty. Powerpack is UL, CSA and CE approved.