Reasonably priced and versatile Boekel Scientific laboratory ovens enable flawless performance of diverse analytical procedures such as drying glassware and samples, as well as research functions including dry heat sterilization, product age acceleration, evaporation, polymerizing plastics and annealing.

Select from a Variety of Models

To suit the unique requirements of different laboratory settings, Boekel Scientific laboratory ovens are available in a variety of models and sizes. These include Oven Small 115V, Oven Small 230V, Oven Medium 115V, Oven Medium 230V, Oven Large 115V, Oven Large 230V, and so on. These diverse oven models enable researchers to perform diagnostic studies with greater efficiency and obtain results with superior precision.

Designed with High-end Features

To provide effortless handling for the users, Boekel Scientific laboratory ovens are incorporated with an array of innovative features. The major functionalities that are provided in Oven Medium 230V model includes:

  • Bi-metallic thermostats
  • Obtainable in three dimensions
  • Aluminum coated interior
  • Natural air convection feature
  • Spirit filled thermometer
  • Two alterable steel shelves with zinc plated tip-proof
  • Double wall construction
  • Glass wool insulation

Another feature of Boekel Scientific laboratory ovens is they can attain the maximum temperature range in almost less than thirty minutes. Besides, they are available in different chamber volumes, length, width, height and weight measurements. These laboratory ovens are provided with two year warranty as well. Boekel Scientific laboratory oven models cannot be used for heating combustible materials or below 100°C temperature range.

Purchase from Industry Best Distributors

When planning to purchase Boekel Scientific laboratory ovens for your laboratory facility, make sure to find the best distributor in the industry offering quality services. Such a provider can assist you in purchasing the right oven model that suits your unique research specifications and budget limits.